Your Financing Getaway


Your Journey to Success is our Individual Approach

We provide Investment expertise in various business sectors. Financing of startups, fintech, investment in innovations is our strength along with classic markets.

You will get different options of the financing depending on your needs and project status with a blend of investments approaches as debt capital funding, equity share, joint venture models, venture funds attractions.

Full cycle investment consulting

We provide a complete range of global investment consulting services that are tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. We’re reaching your most ambitious investment goals in practical, cost-effective ways that impact your business.

Experience Matters

We Service Commercial and Intellectual Property Projects

Execution by the Professionals

New opportunities for your business

Project Financing

No matter you sicking investments for your startup or for the existing business expanding. You will get your optimal funding terms tailored to your needs.

Investments attraction

Our services include market and business intelligence. We cooperate with an extensive database of funding sources, resulting, your project will hit the table of proper investors.

Investments consulting

Our aim is to make your project profitable dedicated to providing the highest level of customized investment advice to our clients. Satisfied investors and founders bring our Company to Success. Our individual investment consulting approach focuses on the effective solutions.

Private Equity

We provide access to private equity funds through exclusive investment structures – with significantly lower minimum investments to reach the goals of small and middle range projects and to satisfy all our clients requests.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies assess the viability of an idea, a technology or a new business. We map relevant aspects related to the development of your idea. Collaborating with Big 4 and other significant professionals in the market, your project will be expertised and packed professionally before reaching Investors.

Due Diligence

Proper full due diligence process by professionals is an important part of getting financing with no delays and expected result. Let the routine process be executed by our team while you concentrate on the strategic planning and business development.

Support for raising financing

  • Financing attraction of any value, no minimum investment amount requirement
  • Contribution minimazing of the project Principal
  • Investment loans for up to 20 years
  • Flexible options of investments placement.
  • Various sources of funds availability.
  • We accept various project types with no limitation in industries
  • Private and corporate Investment funds access
  • Equity share capital, loans, debt funding, direct investment or mixed blend of the options are supported.
  • Development a strategy for attracting investment
  • Providing consulting services at all stages of the project
  • Providing legal support for transactions
  • Preparing documentation (investment memorandum, prospectus, business plan, etc.)
  • Preparation of other necessary documents
  • Advising in presentation preparation and accompanies the client during the project presentation to potential investors
  • Conducting negotiations with investors in the interests of the Customer
  • Connecting with underwriter when placing an issue of securities, etc.


  • We are bureaucracy free, fast and efficient in daily tasks.
  • You will get complementary detailed examination and consultation for your project.
  • Confidentiality and transparency of the business processes is our rules.
  • Our team has relevant experience in successful project implementation.
  • We know the conditions of all government programs, banks and funds – Direct access to the various sources of funds makes your project move fast to the financing attraction.
  • We provide routine free and advanced support in communication with your selected project financing source.
  • Your project success is our priority.

Contact our team

Get in touch to learn more about your project Investment possibilities.

Support for raising financing

We work with the client in real time, with transparent and controlled business processes for the customer, and specific deadlines. Our attitude towards the client implies that we perceive his goals and objectives as our own. We are ready to share our experience, work for the benefit of our clients and count on their reciprocal trust. We try to disclose to our clients the specifics of our work as fully as possible. We always say what, when and why we do. Therefore, one of the main priorities in our work is timely, high-quality and complete reporting.

Our staff will help you resolve many issues related to finding financing to implement growth strategies. We work both with market leaders for whom the process of consolidating their industry by acquiring new businesses is relevant, and with “young” companies that have a clear development strategy and a professional team. While working on the project, we analyze the activities of the enterprise, its financing needs, estimate the cost of the business and the amount of required investment. To identify interest on the part of potential investors, a number of communication events (road-shows) are carried out, as a result of which our clients receive the best investment offers. We assist our clients in attracting credit (debt) financing to develop a new business or expand an existing business.

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